Test on Cookies and Sweet Pastries:  All 58 Models Had High Sugar or High Fat Content, nearly 90% Contained Genotoxic Carcinogens, and 60% Had Nutrition Labelling Discrepancies
Significant Variation in the Accuracy of Smart Watch Fitness Data –  Consumers Are Advised to Use the Data Only for Reference
Daily Rates for Data Roaming Plans Vary up to 9 Times –  Beware of Charges from Auto-Activation Roaming Services
Dismal Lack of Transparency in Airline Overbooking Policies – Industry Called On to Clarify Handling Procedures & Compensation Details
At Least 10 Fragrance Allergens Found in the 23 Perfumes Tested Read the Ingredient Labels to Reduce the Risk of Allergic Reactions
Be Caution When Purchase – Dissatisfactory Safety & Varying Cooking Performance Detected in Multi-functional Electric Hot Plates
Credit Card Cash Rebates Complicated to Calculate – Up to 8 times Variance in Costs for Rewards
Sale of e-Cigarettes and New Tobacco Products in  Shopping Malls – Urgent Call for Full Ban for Health Protection
Needs for Quality Improvement of Bike-Sharing Service – Controversial Prepaid Top-up Value and Deposit
The Consumer Council Named and Reprimanded  a Beauty Service Group for High Pressure Sales – Called for Mandatory Cooling-off Period to Safeguard Consumer Interest
A Study on Building an Age-friendly Consumption Environment

Mediate First Pledge Star Logo Award Scheme
Code of Practice of the Jewellery Retail Industry
Amended TDO
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre