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  • 2022.09.08
  • Study Report

Fostering Consumer Trust – Ethical Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

Full Report(English only) Executive Summary(Chinese) Executive Summary(English) Presentation(Chinese) Presentation(English) Overview In recent years, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world has brought benefits to...

  • 2021.10.28
  • Study Report

Purchase of Properties Outside Hong Kong - A Study on Enhancing Consumer Protection

Full Report Executive Summary Presentation Overview The purchase of properties outside Hong Kong (“POH”) is popular among Hong Kong consumers in recent years as evidenced by the increase in the number of advertisements through various channels....

  • 2021.06.17
  • Study Report

Embracing Sustainable Consumption for a Happy Life ─ A Tracking Study on Consumer Behaviour

Full Report Executive Summary Presentation Questionnaire(Chinese only) Overview Along with the world population growth, over-consumption patterns have exacerbated the depletion of our planet’s resources, environment pollution, and climate change....

  • 2020.05.21
  • Study Report

Auto-fuel Price Monitoring Analysis 2020

International crude oil prices have dropped sharply recently to the point that New York oil prices once dropped to minus US$40 a barrel in April for the first time in history. Given Hong Kong is well-known to have the highest auto-fuel retail price...

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