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Consumer Education

Empowerment is always the key to consumer protection. The Council is aware of the challenges that lie ahead of consumers in the new era of technological innovations and increasing market complexity and has been committed to protecting consumers by means of education. Such education is tailored for different spectrums of the community, from young students to the burgeoning group of elderly, aiming to raise awareness, develop positive attitudes and help them acquire practical knowledge for making informed choices and becoming responsible consumers. 



Primary School Education Programme

Experiential Learning Programme for Primary School Students —
Earth 2038’s Learning Journey of Sustainable Consumption



Secondary School Education Programme

Smart Consumption Academy

Through the diversified and interesting activities to connect Secondary School Students for their becoming a new generation of smart consumers! 



Support Programme for Persons with Special Needs

Support Programme for Persons with Specal Needs to strengthen their self-protection ability as consumers



Pilot Educator Scheme for the Senior Citizens

Consumer educators will be recruited and trained for disseminating educational information relevant to the elderly community



Consumer Rights Talks

Empowering vulnerable groups to enhance self-protection ability through community talks