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The Council pledges to fulfill its statutory functions as stipulated in the Consumer Council Ordinance. Within these ambits, we will strive our best to:


  • answer consumer enquiries and handle complaints in a timely manner
  • mediate dispute between consumers and service suppliers
  • conduct researches, surveys and product testing to produce and publish useful information and results
  • provide a regular outlet of information, advice and view points on all matters affecting interests of consumers
  • monitor trade practices and liaise with industry body to safeguard consumer interests
  • research on consumer policy and launch consumer education campaign or related activities


We pledge to provide an efficient, courteous and professional service to the public in respect of the following areas:

Enquiries and Complaints for disputes between consumers and business

By telephoneMostly in 3 minutes
In person10 minutes
In writing (from the date of receipt)10 working days
Issue an acknowledgement after official filing date of complaint5 working days
Notify progress / result (from the date of issuance of acknowledgement)9 working days


(1) The official filing date is the date when all required information and documents are obtained from complainant.
(2) The progress of the conciliation depends on the cooperation of merchants and complainants in resolving the disputes. 
      Processing time is also affected by the complexity of cases, the amount of complaints received and the priorities of duties at that time.

CHOICE Magazine

By telephoneMostly in 3 minutes
Issue an acknowledgement / interim reply after receipt of complaint / enquiry5 working days
Notify progress / result (from the date of interim reply)  9 working days
Request for subscription of CHOICEAs stipulated in the subscription form *
Request for sale of CHOICEWithin 10 minutes (if in person)
Within 3 working days (by mail order) **
Remarks :
*  CHOICE is published on or around the 15th of each month. If the Council receives the subscription form together with appropriate payment on or before the 9th of the month, the subscriber will receive his/her first issue of CHOICE subscription in that month. Subscription requests received on the 10th or after will receive the first issue of CHOICE subscription in the following month.
**  upon receipt of mail order and after confirmation of receipt of payment (cheque / PPS / credit card).

Requests for talks or organizing consumer education activities

Request for talksWithin 10 working days
Request for organizing consumer education activities from community groupWithin 10 working days