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Consumer Protection


Consumer Council Ordinance (Cap. 216)

Commencement: 15 July, 1977

Purpose: To incorporate the Consumer Council, to define its functions and powers, to negative personal liability of members and employees for the Council's or its committees' acts or omissions, and for connected purposes.

Small Claims Tribunal Ordinance (Cap. 338)

Commencement: 1 October, 1976

Purpose: To establish a tribunal to be known as the Small Claims Tribunal having limited civil jurisdiction, and to make provision for the jurisdiction, procedure and practice thereof, and for matters connected therewith.


Sale of Goods Ordinance (Cap. 26)

Commencement : 1 August, 1896

Purpose: To codify the law relating to the sale of goods

Control of Exemption Clauses Ordinance (Cap. 71)

Commencement: 1 December, 1990

Purpose: To limit the extent to which civil liability for breach of contract, or for negligence or other breach of duty, can be avoided by means of contract terms and otherwise; and to restrict the enforceability of arbitration agreements.

Supply of Services (Implied Terms) Ordinance (Cap. 457)

Commencement: 21 October, 1994

Purpose: To consolidate and amend the law with respect to the terms to be implied in contracts for the supply of services.

Unconscionable Contracts Ordinance (Cap. 458)

Commencement: 20 October, 1995

Purpose: To empower courts to give relief in certain contracts found to be unconscionable.


Gas Safety Ordinance (Cap. 51)

Commencement: 1 April, 1991

Purpose: To control, in the interests of safety, the importation, manufacture, storage, transport, supply and use of gas; and to provide for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

Pesticides Ordinance (Cap. 133)

Commencement: 15 July 1977

Purpose: To provide for the registration and control of pesticides and for matters connected therewith.

Electricity Ordinance (Cap. 406)

Commencement: 2 November, 1990

Purpose: To repeal and replace the Electricity Supply Ordinance, to provide for the registration of electrical workers, contractors and generating facilities, to provide safety requirements for electricity supply, electrical wiring and products, and to provide powers for electricity suppliers and the Government respecting electrical accidents and enforcement of this Ordinance, and to provide for measures designed to ensure that activities carried out in the vicinity of electricity supply lines do not prejudice safety or the continuity of the electricity supply.


The major subsidiary legislation include The Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation

Toys and Children's Products Safety Ordinance (Cap. 424)

Commencement: 1 July, 1993

Purpose: To provide for safety standards for children's toys and safety standards for specified chattels used in association with children, and to provide for other powers to enhance the safety of children.

Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance (Cap. 456)

Commencement: 20 October, 1995

Purpose: To impose a duty on manufacturers, importers and suppliers of certain consumer goods to ensure that the consumer goods they supply are safe and for incidental purposes.


Money Lenders Ordinance (Cap. 163)

Commencement: 12 December, 1980

Purpose: To provide for the control and regulation of money lenders and money-lending transactions, the appointment of a Registrar of Money Lenders and the licensing of persons carrying on business as money lenders; to provide protection and relief against excessive interest rates and extortionate stipulations in respect of loans; to provide for offences andfor matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing; and to repeal the Money-lenders Ordinance 1911.

Pawnbrokers Ordinance (Cap. 166)

Commencement: 24 August, 1984

Purpose: To provide for the licensing of pawnbrokers and for the regulation and control of certain pawnbroking transactions; to make certain provisions in respect of goods pawned; to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing; and to repeal the Pawnbrokers Ordinance 1930.


Public Health & Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132)

Commencement: 11 November, 1960

Purpose: To make provision for public health and municipal services.


Some of the subsidiary legislation which have direct relevance to the consumers of food and drugs are:


  • Colouring Matter in Food Regulations;
  • Sweeteners in Food Regulations;
  • Food Adulteration (Metallic Contamination) Regulations;
  • Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) Regulations;
  • Frozen Confections Regulation;
  • Harmful Substances in Food Regulations;
  • Dried Milk Regulations;
  • Food Business Regulation;
  • Milk Regulation.

Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Cap. 138)

Commencement: 1 January, 1970

Purpose: To consolidate and amend the law relating to pharmacy, pharmaceutical products and poisons.

Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance (Cap. 231)

Commencement: 1 April, 1953

Purpose: To restrict certain advertisements relating to medical and health matters.

Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap. 549)

Commencement: 6 August, 1999

Purpose: To make provisions for the registration of practitioners in Chinese medicine; the licensing of traders in Chinese medicines; the registration of proprietary Chinese medicines; and other related matters.


Money Changers Ordinance (Cap. 34)

Commencement: 1 April, 1985

Purpose: To provide for the disclosure by money changers of exchange rates on exchange transactions and for the obtaining of consent thereto.

Weights and Measures Ordinance (Cap. 68)

Commencement: 1 January, 1989

Purpose: To make provision with respect to units and standards of measurement and weighing or measuring equipment used for trade, to regulate trade transactions regarding goods supplied by weight or measure including pre-packed goods, and to provide for the administration of this Ordinance, offences and the forfeiture of weighing or measuring equipment and goods in the case of certain contraventions; and for connected purposes.

Travel Agents Ordinance (Cap. 218)

Commencement: 13 December, 1985

Purpose: To provide for the control and regulation of travel agents, the appointment of a Registrar of Travel Agents, the establishment of an Advisory Committee on Travel Agents, the licensing of travel agents, the establishment of a reserve fund and a Board to administer the fund, the imposition of levies on travel agents and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Pyramid Schemes Prohibition Ordinance (Cap. 617)

Commencement: 1 January, 2012

Purpose: To prohibit certain acts in relation to a pyramid scheme and to provide for related matters.

Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap. 362)

Commencement: 1 April, 1981

Purpose: To prohibit false trade descriptions, false, misleading or incomplete information, false marks and misstatements in respect of goods provided in the course of trade or suppliers of such goods; to confer power to require information or instruction relating to goods to be marked on or to accompany the goods or to be included in advertisements; to restate the law relating to forgery of trade marks; to prohibit certain unfair trade practices; to prohibit false trade descriptions in respect of services supplied by traders; to confer power to require any services to be accompanied by information or instruction relating to the services or an advertisement of any services to contain or refer to information relating to the services; and for purposes connected therewith.


The major subsidiary legislation include:


  • Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Gold and Gold Alloy) Order
  • Trade Descriptions (Definition of Platinum) Regulations
  • Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Platinum) Order
  • Trade Descriptions (Definition of Fei Cui and Natural Fei Cui) Regulations
  • Trade Descriptions (Definition of Diamond) Regulation
  • Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Natural Fei Cui) Order
  • Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Diamond) Order
  • Trade Descriptions (Provision of Information on Regulated Electronic Products) Order


Reference: Amended TDO

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486)

Commencement: 1 August, 1996

Purpose: To protect the privacy of individuals in relation to personal data, and to provide for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

Estate Agents Ordinance (Cap. 511)

Commencement: 8 August, 1997

Purpose: To provide for the establishment of a body to be known in the English language as the Estate Agents Authority and in the Chinese language as "地產代理監管局" and to define its functions, for the licensing of estate agents and certain salespersons, the regulation of estate agency work and certain agency agreements, and for matters related or incidental to the foregoing.