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LED Light Bulbs Vary Greatly in Energy Saving Performance  - CHOICE # 466 (August 17, 2015)
The Consumer Council collaborated with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) to test 10 models of LED home-use light bulbs and found out the efficacy can vary as much as 100%. After being operated for about one-tenth of the claimed lifespan, 1 model had samples with lumen output significantly dropped or burnt out, while a few models failed to pass all safety test items. Consumers have to be extra cautious in selecting the products.

Running Shoes' Quality not Necessarily Correlated with the Price  - CHOICE # 466 (August 17, 2015) 
Many people tone up their bodies through jogging which, however, may inevitably strain their legs. A suitable pair of running shoes is therefore needed to protect ankles and joints. According to the latest running shoes test report published in CHOICE, higher price may not be related to better performance. In fact, consumers should choose their running shoes based on their physique and actual needs.

Update on investigation into heavy metal poisoning with medications prescribed outside Hong Kong (August 31, 2015)
The Department of Health (DH) today (August 28) reported an update of investigations into cases of heavy metal poisoning after consumption of medications prescribed outside Hong Kong for treatment of chronic skin conditions, and again reminded members of the public to seek formal care from qualified healthcare professionals.

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Supply of Powdered Formula

Recommendation on formula milk feeding

Import and Export (General)(Amendment) Regulation 2013 ( with effect from 1 March 2013 ) - Quantity of Powdered Formula for Persons Departing from Hong Kong

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