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In Quest of the Hair Dryers with High Scores in Safety and Performance  - CHOICE # 460 (February 16, 2015)
According to a test report of the Consumer Council in collaboration with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, all of the 14 hair dryer samples tested were deemed safe to use under normal operating conditions. Not all of the samples were, however, in full compliance of the safety requirements with reference to the latest international standard IEC 60335-2-23. 8 hair dryers stood out among the others in safety.

Caution on Holiday Binge on Traditional CNY Foods  -  CHOICE # 460 (February 16, 2015)  
These startling facts in a Consumer Council report are certain to make you think twice before you dig in on a binge on your yummy Chinese New Year puddings and dumplings.

Four kinds of food from Taiwan suspected to contain non-permitted colouring matter, Dimethyl yellow (February 25, 2015)
The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (February 25) urged the public not to consume four kinds of food manufactured by Mia Chung Co., LTD in Taiwan following a notification from the Taiwanese authorities that the products may contain Dimethyl yellow, a non-permitted colouring matter in food. The trade should also stop selling the products in question immediately, regardless of batches.

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Supply of Powdered Formula

Recommendation on formula milk feeding

Import and Export (General)(Amendment) Regulation 2013 ( with effect from 1 March 2013 ) - Quantity of Powdered Formula for Persons Departing from Hong Kong

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