Half of Infant Cot Mattresses Fail to Comply with Safety Standard –  Poor Firmness in 3 Models Poses a Suffocation Hazard
Be Cautious in Using Smart Devices to Safeguard Privacy –  Enhancing Security Awareness to Prevent Leakage of Personal Data
Doubts on Information Accuracy and Transparency  of Airfare Comparison Website - “Cheapest” Airfares Vary by a Double
Private Cataract Surgery Charges Can Differ by 1.5 Times – Wide Array of Surcharges Making it Hard for Consumers to Estimate the Budget
Complaints about Overseas Wedding & Photo Services: Lack of Quality Assurance with Consumers Bearing All the Risks
 Risk of High Sugar Content in Tea-based Beverages –  5 Models Exceeding Maximum Daily Limit of Sugar Intake
Service Charges of Home Care Agencies Vary Widely –  Choose Qualified Personnel Carefully to Ensure Service Quality
Golfer Insurance Plans Vary Widely in Terms & Conditions –  Choose Carefully Before Purchase
Matchmaking Service Charges Lack Transparency –  Beware of Disputes over Service Effectiveness and Charges
The Consumer Council Named and Reprimanded  a Beauty Service Group for High Pressure Sales – Called for Mandatory Cooling-off Period to Safeguard Consumer Interest
A Study on Building an Age-friendly Consumption Environment

The Land Registry - Property Alert
Code of Practice of the Jewellery Retail Industry
Amended TDO
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre