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Reuse Mask? DIY Mask?
Over 80% of Sunscreen Performed Below their Labelled Efficacy  Increase the Risks of Skin Darkening, Sunburn or Even Skin Cancer
“Thickness” or “Thinness” of Condoms Could Differ More Than 4 Times Manufacturers are Urged to Improve  Ambiguous Product Claims and Labelling
Nearly 20% of Popular Dried Spices Contain Carcinogenic Aflatoxins  Producers Urged to Improve to Safeguard Consumer Health
Trust Misplaced in Pet Relocation Services Puts Animals’ Lives at Risk Choose Pet Services Carefully to Prevent Animals from Suffering
Nutrition Service - Rational Consumption Based on Needs Qualifications of Service Providers Have to be Verified

"Salt / Sugar" Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products
Code of Practice of the Jewellery Retail Industry
Amended TDO
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre