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《Tips for the Stylish! 4 Key Considerations Re Eyebrow Tattooing and Eyelash Implants》

《Tips for the Stylish! 4 Key Considerations Re Eyebrow Tattooing and Eyelash Implants》

Since wearing masks has become the new normal, the eye area is now the centre of attention! Image-conscious people are trying different means (such as eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing and eyelash implants, etc.) to highlight their eyes. However, companies providing such services usually have various charges and the quality of their services may also vary considerably. If you don't want to turn your beauty journey into a nightmare, you should pay attention to the following areas before paying for the service!

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Eyebrow microblading, shading, tattooing and embroidering... these are services intended for eyebrows only! In addition, there are similar services covering eyeline and eyelashes.  If you do not have good enough knowledge about these services, you won´t be able to distinguish the difference between the various technologies they use and the effects by just looking at the words. Therefore, remember to research beforehand. If you are being nagged into upgrading your service package, ask the company to explain thoroughly the technology being used and effect. Do not make decision hastily. Remember that expensive services are not necessarily better and more suitable for you.

It is also very important to find out what services are included in the price, because no matter which service you pick, the effect will only last for a finite period. In order to make an informed decision, consumers should find out whether after-care services, such as touch-up or replant, are also included in the price, and compare the total package with other service providers. 

Nowadays, many merchants use social media platforms for publicity, but discerning consumers may find that the actual business name of the merchant and the information on the social media platform do not match, suggesting something fishy. If payment is made (in cash or via online payment platform) to a personal account, it will be more difficult to recover the money in the event of a dispute. Therefore, consumers are advised to check the company name and business address of the merchant, and ask for a receipt as a proof of transaction.

Not getting the desired effect after spending a great deal of money can be depressing. However, the result of any beauty service can vary from person to person. So, in addition to choosing a reputable service provider, consumers should also be mentally prepared that the effects may not live up to their expectations. Consumers are advised to discuss with service providers in advance about the remedial actions in such situation.

As these services are performed very close to the sensitive and delicate areas around the eyes, there could be a risk of discomfort or eye inflammation due to unhygienic tools, glue and pigments, or skin rejection. Therefore, consumers should assess the risks cautiously. Seek medical advice as soon as possible if a severe allergic reaction occurs.

In the past, the Consumer Council had received many complaints related to these services. You may want to refer to the article “Eyebrow Tattooing and Eyelash Implants Can Produce Very Different Results. Choose Carefully to Avoid Embarrassment.” CHOICE Magazine, Issue 518(Chinese version only), to find out more about these cases and stay vigilant.  

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