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【Tips on Cleaning Air Conditioners】What do you need to know before hiring someone to clean your air conditioner?

【Tips on Cleaning Air Conditioners】What do you need to know before hiring someone to clean your air conditioner?

The summer heat in Hong Kong can be rather intense. Deep cleaning air conditioners at home before each summer season can ensure a better cooling performance to dispel the heat. This helps to remove any accumulated dust particles, as well as bacteria and mould bred in the humid weather, allowing the air conditioner to function at its maximum efficiency for cooling and heat dissipation. This also prevents the air conditioner from spreading bacteria indoors, which can cause respiratory problems or skin allergy. So, what do you need to know before hiring an air conditioning cleaning company? Let’s take a look!

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For general households, window-type or split-type air conditioners are commonly used. In terms of basic fees, the cost for cleaning a window-type air conditioner is usually less than a split-type air conditioner. Other factors impacting the fees include the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, whether the location is remote, items included in the cleaning services (e.g. inspection and disinfection), parts that require repair, and whether the service date falls on the weekend or a public holiday. It is worth mentioning that if the indoor floor-to-ceiling height is too high, consumers may also need to bear the cost of using additional safety equipment.

Furthermore, consumers should be aware of the various cleaning methods employed by different cleaning companies for window-type air conditioners, and the space required for the cleaning process. If there is not enough space, the machine may need to be dismantled and taken to the cleaning centre for cleaning (which may incur additional charges).

Moreover, for split-type air conditioners, most cleaning companies only clean the interior unit of the machine as the external unit is usually located on the exterior wall of the building. If it needs to be cleaned, application to the building management office is required and scaffolding or blocking the road may be needed, which consumers would need to pay for that.

Generally speaking, air conditioning cleaning companies will first inspect the air conditioner to ensure normal operation before cleaning. The consumer will be notified of any abnormalities found, and they will have to decide whether to proceed with the cleaning process. If the air conditioner still does not cool sufficiently or even has leakage after cleaning, some companies would offer free maintenance within a designated period. Consumers can also inquire about the related terms and conditions beforehand, such as compensation of any damages during the cleaning process.

If any abnormalities are detected in the air conditioner beforehand, it is suggested to arrange for on-site inspection by professionals before deciding whether to send it to a repair centre. Consumers should not attempt to disassemble the machine themselves. In addition, any items near the air conditioner should be removed before cleaning it.

To have a more durable and long-lasting air conditioner, consumers should pay attention to the following tips for daily maintenance and cleaning:

Dust filter

The dust filter should be cleaned once or twice a month to effectively block the dust particles in the air and keep the air indoors fresh.

Cooling evaporator

The cooling evaporator of the air conditioner should be free from obstruction with the air flow outlet kept clear of miscellaneous household items.


The temperature should be set at 25.5°C. A fan can be used alongside the air conditioner to facilitate air circulation, which can also reduce the burden of the air conditioner and save electricity.


Turn off and cover the air conditioner

If the air conditioner would not be used for a long time, remove the interior moisture with the fan function and then cover it properly.



For more information, please refer to the article “Clean Air Conditioners Regularly to Save Energy and Protect the Environment” (Chinese version only) in Issue 523 of CHOICE Magazine.


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