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Flight Ticket – Cancellation/Extension/Refund

Flight Ticket – Cancellation/Extension/Refund

With increasing risk on the novel coronavirus spreads all over the world, the government recently issued the Red Outbound Travel Alert to France, Germany, parts of Spain, Hokkaido, Japan, and Italy. People should avoid going to the above places. Those who book flight tickets through travel agencies or online platforms should read carefully the terms of the airline or travel agency as listed on the website, and understand whether the ticket can be canceled, date be changed, or a handling fee is applied.

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For example, consumers who reserve flight tickets through travel agencies, it is possible that travel agencies may charge administrative fees according to the terms even if the airlines allow full refund in response to special circumstances; if the airlines decide to let the flights take off as scheduled and thus refuse to refund or offer trip extension, one must also consider the risk and do not rush to depart. In addition, the purchase of only flight tickets from licensed travel agencies in Hong Kong is not covered by the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. Only those travel packages covering both flight tickets plus hotels or attractions from licensed travel agencies in Hong Kong would be entitled to the stamps issued and protected by the Travel Industry Compensation Fund.

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