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Don’t Use Industrial Alcohol to Make Hand Rub

Don’t Use Industrial Alcohol to Make Hand Rub

Medical alcohol or alcohol hand rub have become scarce in the market in the light of the epidemic outbreak, yet industrial alcohol should never be used to make self-made hand rub as it is poisonous! Industrial alcohol contains impure methanol that may be taken in by human body through the skin, causing poisoning, nausea, body aches, blindness or impaired liver function, and even fatality!

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As for the commonly-used alcohol, also as known as ethyl alcohol or ethanol, its alcohol concentration is generally around 70% and clearly labelled; while the alcohol concentration for alcohol hand rub is around 70-80%. It is suggested to clean hands by using 3-5ml of hand rub, with the same technique of washing hands for at least 20 seconds, then let the alcohol evaporate naturally. Do not wipe dry with tissue.

Please visit the website of Consumer Council and Centre for Health Protection for more information about infection prevention:

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