Do Not Stockpiling Toilet paper

13 February 2020

Facing the uncertainty of epidemic outbreak, face masks, bleach, rice etc are snapped up from the store shelves or supermarket, and so is those toilet paper. Once the toilet paper were fully replenished, people would buy 4, 5 or 6 12-roll packs.People stockpiling toilet paper should take note that despite there is wrapping on the 12-roll pack as well as wrapping on individual roll, if there is damage on the wrapping or in the presence of ventilation hole, toilet paper will be humidified to allow the growth of moulds and microbes that will adversely affect the quality and hygiene.

Therefore, do not stockpile toilet paper. If you have toilet paper in stock, store them in a clean, cool and dry place but not in the bathroom where moisture will adversely affect the paper quality.
In fact, toilet paper suppliers have already announced that there are abundant stock and the supply is well maintained. People should not be worried and should stop panic buying.

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