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Do Not Stockpile Toilet Paper

Do Not Stockpile Toilet Paper

Facing the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been snapping up face masks, bleach products, rice and toilet paper from stores and supermarkets. As soon as the toilet paper were replenished, customers scrambled to buy even more.

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Consumers should note that although there are wrappings on individual rolls as well as on the whole packing, toilet paper will still be exposed to moisture if the wrapping is damaged, resulting in the growth of mould and bacteria.  

Therefore, please do not stockpile toilet paper. For storage, please keep them in a clean, cool and dry place and not in the bathroom as moisture would adversely affect the quality of the toilet paper.

In fact, toilet paper suppliers have already announced that stock was abundant and the supply was well maintained. There is no need to panic.

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