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False Trade Descriptions
Super:The Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012
False or Misleading Trade Descriptions
Smart Eye:The Trade Descriptions Ordinance! Beware of False or Misleading Trade Descriptions!
Salesperson:Let me introduce this Superb Entertainment Package to you! We have “Drama Series Channel” for Korean drama only.
“A Beauty…Actually” will be exclusively broadcasted to you!
Sign the 2-year contract and enjoy our discount on monthly fee! No more dilly-dallying!
Mom:Exclusive Korean drama? Okay! I will sign it!
Super:A week later…
“A Beauty…Actually” is now on “Popular Soap Channel” only? That means I can’t watch it? But the salesman promised it was exclusive on “Drama Series Channel” when I signed the contract!
It’s a total deceit!
Smart Eye:Tips from Smart Eye!
When supplying goods or services, traders should ensure that the information is true, it is an offence for a trader to apply a false or misleading trade description!
Be a smart consumer!
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Super:Enhanced protection for consumers
Shop with peace of mind
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Consumer Council:(852) 2929 2222
Reporting Hotlines
Customs and Excise Department:(852) 2545 6182
Office of the Communications Authority:(852) 2961 6333
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