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Bait Advertising
Super: The Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012
Bait Advertising
Smart Eye: The Trade Descriptions Ordinance! Beware of Bait Advertising!
Staff: Boss, do we have any promotional strategy coming up?
Boss: Yes. A front-cover ad will be released tomorrow.
People will surely snap it up for such a great bargain.
Staff: But we’ve only got 10 items.
It will not be enough.
Why don’t we state the quantity clearly?
Boss: Don’t bother! It’s just a gimmick!
Super: The next day…
Dad and Other Customers: I want this coffee machine.
Boss: The one with special discount is all sold out.
Dad: The ads was just released yesterday. It’s sold out today?
It says the promotion lasts 2 weeks!
Smart Eye: Tips from Smart Eye!
Traders should evaluate their ability to supply the product when they are advertising it. Traders may commit the offence of bait advertising if they fail to supply the products at the advertised price in reasonable quantities and for a reasonable period.
Be a smart consumer!
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Super: Enhanced protection for consumers
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