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Power cord replacement for Xbox

  • 2005.03.10

Microsoft Corp. has announced a voluntary replacement of the power cords on Xbox consoles. The replacement power cords are designed to protect consumers and their Xbox consoles from rare electrical component failures that can pose a fire hazard. According to the company, fewer than 1 in 10,000 consoles have experienced these component failures, and in almost all instances, any damage caused by these failures was contained within the console itself or limited to the tip of the power cord at the back of the console. However, in 30 console failures worldwide, 7 customers sustained a minor burn to their hand, while smoke damage, or minor damage to a carpet or entertainment centre was reported in the other 23 incidences.

In all regions except Continental Europe, Xbox consoles manufactured before 23 Oct 2003 require a replacement power cord. To order a replacement cord, consumers should go to and click on the link of "Power Cord Replacement for Xbox", or dial toll-free 800901727 to contact Microsoft for further details.

(Source of information: Microsoft