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Important safety information regarding IKEA BERTBY glass-door wall cabinet

  • 2004.09.24

IKEA announces replacement of some of the screws for BERTBY glass-door wall cabinets, as screws of the wrong dimensions have been delivered with a number of these cabinets. The screws are used to fix the wall attachment bracket to the top of the cabinet. The use of screws of the wrong dimension may result in the cabinet not being securely fixed to the wall.

IKEA wants all customers who bought this model of cabinets (article number 380.472.10) from 2002 until September 2004 to contact IKEA. The screws for the wall attachment bracket supplied with some of these cabinets are of the wrong dimension. All concerned customers should contact IKEA or visit their local stores to receive screws of the right dimension and simple instruction on how to replace the screws in a safe way.

IKEA says that many cabinets of this model have been sold with the correct screws, and as there is nothing wrong with the cabinet itself, there is no need to return the cabinets to the stores. The sale of this model of cabinets has been stopped since 9th September 2004. IKEA has received two reports of cabinets detaching from the wall. No injuries have been reported.

IKEA (Hong Kong) Customer Service Hotline: 3125 0888

From IKEA:

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