Submission on "Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market in Hong Kong"

25 June 2015
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1. The Consumer Council (the Council) is pleased to submit its response to the Environment Bureau's document "Public consultation on the future development of the electricity market in Hong Kong" issued on 31 March 2015. The Council has produced a detailed report on the electricity market in December 2014. The December report is also part of the Council's response to this Government consultation and needs to be considered alongside this document.

2. The December report called for a broader consideration of the issues beyond the single question posed by Government in its fuel-mix consultation. The Council welcomes and supports the publication of the consultation document. However, it is concerned that the consultation's conservative approach may not bring meaningful and significant changes to the long term development of the electricity market in Hong Kong. Hong Kong must be determined and clear about introducing the necessary changes, or will otherwise risk waiting for another 10 years till the next major discussion.

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