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Bait and Switch
Super:The Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012
Bait and Switch
Smart Eye:The Trade Descriptions Ordinance! Beware of Bait and Switch.
Shop Owner:Special offer for dried abalones!
Old Woman:Oh, it’s a good deal. May I have a look?
Shop Owner:How smart you are! Hold on please.
She looks like a rich housewife. Let’s coax her to switch to the more expensive ones.
Madam, actually that one is not that great.
Let me introduce another best quality abalone to you.
Old Woman:I still prefer the one with special offer. Can I have a look?
Shop Owner:Forget about that! With an extra thousand dollar, you will have this abalone gift set.
Old Woman:Umh……well……
Smart Eye:Tips from Smart Eye!
Traders may commit the offence of bait and switch if they make an invitation to purchase a product at a specified price and then refuse to show or demonstrate or take orders for the product with the intention of promoting a different product.
Be a smart consumer!
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Super:Enhanced protection for consumers
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