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Approved Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Kits Search Tool

Search Tool for Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Kits
Approved for Use by Various Regions

Important Announcement

Having served the public since the fifth wave of the local COVID-19 outbreak in early 2022, this “Search Tool for Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Kits Approved for Use by Various Regions" will cease to be updated from 1 July 2023, in order to allow better resource allocation to other important consumer protection initiatives.

Following resumption of normalcy in Hong Kong, the World Health Organization’s statement on 5 May 2023 that COVID-19 no longer constitutes a public health emergency of international concern that and the lowering of the Government’s response level under the Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance from the Emergency to Alert level on 30 May 2023, the Council has seen a reduced demand for information on RAT kits. The European Commission’s “Common list of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests”, a major data source of the search tool, has also ceased to be updated since the end of April 2023.

The last update of the Consumer Council’s database will take place on 30 June 2023. Thereafter, the search engine will remain available, but will no longer be maintained and the database will no longer receive updates. Consumers may directly access the lists of other countries and regions for current information.

Statement: The Council has only listed the key product information for quick searching. Should consumers wish to acquire more detailed information, please refer to the official websites of the relevant region.


  1. The purpose of this search engine is to allow consumers to ascertain whether a rapid antigen test product has been approved by Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong Department of Health, US Food and Drug Administration, European Commission, the PRC National Medical Products Administration and/or their counterparts in other jurisdictions set out in the table below and to provide information relating to such test products (if available). Such information contained in the search engine’s database is derived and consolidated from the official lists set out in the table below, including the European Commission’s “Common list of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests” used under CC BY, as well as product information and claims provided by Hong Kong traders claiming to market test products under the official list(s) in Hong Kong. The aforesaid information has not been independently verified by the Consumer Council, is of a general nature and for indicative purpose only, is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date, and is not intended to constitute professional advice (legal or otherwise). Such information should not be treated as substitute for your own detailed research or professional advice as to the technical specifications, performance and/or suitability of a product for your specific circumstances. The Consumer Council does not endorse any rapid antigen test product, manufacturer or supplier whatsoever.
  2. No warranty is given as to the availability, timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the search engine and the Consumer Council’s database. The Consumer Council assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever with regard to your access to or use of the search engine and the information obtainable through the search engine or on this page, and/or any loss or damage arising therefrom. The search engine and the database is last maintained and updated on 30 June 2023.
  3. Any linked reference on this page to any external resource or website is to enhance the information available to consumers and does not constitute the Consumer Council’s endorsement of such resources and websites, their content and owners. The Consumer Council has no control over and does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any such external resource and website and their content, and/or any loss or damage arising from use thereof.
  4. This Disclaimer has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.
Region (Code)SourceFootnotes
Hong Kong (HK-A)Department of Health, Hong Kong SAR: Listed Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19 under the Medical Device Administrative Control System[Hong Kong]
Hong Kong (HK-B)The Government is distributing the following brands of RAT kits for free to specified groups[Hong Kong]
Mainland China (CN)National Medical Products Administration: List of approved COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (Chinese version only)[Mainland China]
European Union (EU)COVID-19 rapid antigen tests evaluated by prospective clinical field studies (EU-A)
COVID-19 rapid antigen tests evaluated by retrospective in vitro studies (EU-B)
[European Union]
United States (US)U.S. Food and Drug Administration: List of SARS-CoV-2 antigen diagnostic tests with Emergency Use Authorization[United States]
Australia (AU)COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia[Australia]
Singapore (SG)COVID-19 self-test kits authorized for use by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore[Singapore]
Macau (MO)Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits authorized for use by the Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau of Macau[Macau]

(Last updated: 2023-06-30)

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