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Sustainable Consumer, Go Go Goal!

  • 2020.03.16

Sustainable Consumer, Go Go Goal! Let’s go for an extra step! Be a sustainable consumer? But why we have to do so? It’s all just for yourself and our next generation! Did you know that the 3 landfills in Hong Kong will be saturated this year? Let’s reduce waste and be a sustainable consumer. Think before you buy! According to the definition of the United Nations, “Sustainable Consumption” means “when we use services and related products to meet basic needs and improve quality of life, we must also reduce the use of natural resources and toxic materials, and reduce the waste and pollutants emitted by services or products during the life cycle, so as not to endanger the needs of future generations". What is the point then? Let us share some sustainable consumption with you:

  • Choose bamboo-made products as they can be completely degraded in low carbon emissions
  • Local fresh produce is better than frozen food by air freight 
  • Buy refillable-packing products, avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Choose products impact the environment the least with reference to Green Label 

    There are still many more tips on sustainable consume. Go ~ Go ~ Goal! Click here for more "315 Sustainable Consumer" details.