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The 23rd Consumer Rights Reporting Awards Presentation Ceremony

  • 2023.11.09

The Consumer Council’s 23rd Consumer Rights Reporting Awards (CRRA) continues to celebrate the efforts of journalists who persevered in the fight for consumer interests in bringing about a wide range of consumer news stories to raise public awareness of consumer rights and improve self-protection. This year’s CRRA maintains overwhelming support from the media and once again set a new record high, with a total of 373 entries from 42 news organisations, social media platforms, and local colleges and universities, including 10 media organisations participating for the first time.

At the CRRA Presentation Ceremony today (9 November 2023), following addresses by The Honourable Algernon Yau Ying-wah, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the HKSAR Government, and Mr Clement Chan Kam-wing, Chairman of the Consumer Council, a total of 37 awards in 9 categories were presented, including 7 Gold Awards, 8 Silver Awards, 7 Bronze Awards, 6 Merit Awards, 3 Best Audience Engagement Awards, 1 Best Presentation Award, 1 Grand Prize, 3 Topical Reporting Awards, and the prestigious Grand Award. Over the years, the CRRA Presentation Ceremony has always been one of the most significant annual events among local journalists. This year, over 160 media organisations management members, journalists, awardees, and journalism academics gathered together to acclaim awardees and exchange insights in the liveliest and most touching atmosphere.

For over two decades, the Council has been working hand in hand with journalists in promoting consumer rights through CRRA, while simultaneously documenting the development of the society and changes in the media landscape. This year's entries covered a wide range of topics which included shopping, medication, food, housing, and environmental protection, witnessing the shift in the media’s focus to wider spectrum of the society after COVID, providing audience with more diversified consumer news. At the same time, online shopping, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence have permeated our daily lives, and many entries pored over related issues, conducive to improving public awareness of new consumption patterns.

Welcoming guests and awardees, Mr Clement Chan Kam-wing, Chairman of the Consumer Council, said, “The Consumer Council conducts frequent research and advocacy on diverse issues to safeguard the rights of consumers and better their self-protection abilities. To this goal it is essential that consumers are kept abreast of the latest consumer news and information, which is very versatile and relies on the media’s support and efforts. I am confident that the collaborative synergy between the Consumer Council and media organisations denotes ‘1+1 greater than 2’, creating a better and more protected environment for consumers.”

The Guest of Honour, The Honourable Algernon Yau Ying-wah, said “The Consumer Council has consistently kept abreast of market developments and provided consumers with timely information through product testing, service trials, market surveys and studies, so as to help consumers make informed choices. At the same time, media partners have actively investigated consumption-related issues through professional and impartial reporting, while extensively covering consumption information from the Council’s test, survey, and research results. The media industry’s support complements our efforts in promoting consumer rights, improving the effectiveness of information dissemination, in turn empowering the public and tourists to protect themselves and become smart consumers.”

Group Photo of guests and awardees of the 23rd CRRA

Guests and awardees of the 23rd CRRA.

Winner list

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