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Imported biscuit may contain allergen (peanuts)

  • 2022.07.28

Imported biscuit may contain allergen (peanuts)

Issue Date28.7.2022
Source of Information

Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) of the European Commission

Food Product


Product Name and Description

Product name: Hazelnut Filled Biscuit


Place of origin: France

Packing size: 125 grams per pack

Best before date: April 18, 2023

Importer: PARKnSHOP (HK) Limited


Reason For Issuing Alert
  • The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) received a notification from the RASFF of the European Commission that ingredient used in the production of the above-mentioned product may contain an allergen, peanuts, but it was not declared on the product's food label. According to the information provided by the RASFF, the affected product has been imported into Hong Kong.
  • Peanuts are a known food allergen. Those who are allergic to it may develop symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, asthma and rash upon consumption. In severe cases anaphylactic shock may even develop. As for other members of the public, generally speaking, they would not be subject to such reactions when the food in question is consumed.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety
  • Upon learning of the incident, the CFS immediately contacted the above-mentioned local importer for follow-up. Preliminary investigation found that the above-mentioned importer had imported into Hong Kong the affected batch of the product concerned. The importer had stopped sale and removed from shelves the affected batch of the product. It has also initiated a recall according to the CFS' instructions.
  • The CFS will alert the trade, continue to follow up on the incident and take appropriate action. Investigation is ongoing.
Advice to the Trade

Stop using or selling the affected batch of the product immediately.

Advice to Consumers

Consumers who are allergic to peanuts are advised not to consume the affected batch of the product concerned.

Further Information

The CFS press release


Members of the public may call the relevant importer's hotline at  2606 8658 during office hours for enquiries about the recall.

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