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Voluntary recall of IKEA FARGGLAD children's chair

  • 2004.10.15

IKEA FARGGLAD children's chairVoluntary recall of IKEA FARGGLAD children's chair (October 15, 2004)

IKEA requests customers to return FARGGLAD children's chair (article number 400.548.40) to their local stores. The plastic feet may come off and could present a choking hazard to children. IKEA states that no accident or incident has been reported.

A check in one of IKEA's warehouses indicated that the red plastic feet on some of these children's chairs were not securely fixed to the legs. This was confirmed by additional testing.

According to IKEA, no incident or accident has been reported, but if detached the red plastic feet could present a choking hazard.

IKEA has decided to recall all the children's chairs of this model. This model is intended for children age 3 years and older, but children under 3 years may use or be exposed to the product.

This model of children's chair is sold on all IKEA markets and was launched in May 2003. 

IKEA requests all concerned customers to return this model of children's chair to their local store where they will get a refund.

IKEA's customer services hotline : 3125 0888

IKEA Hong Kong :

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October 15, 2004),