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Voluntary recall of laser printers

  • 2004.09.08

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department today (September 8) advised consumers to immediately stop using two laser printer models -- Lexmark E230 and E232 monochrome -- for safety reasons.

The appeal was made after the supplier of the product, Lexmark International (China) Limited, 
approached the department about a voluntary recall of the printers, which were supplied between June and August 2004. 

A recent investigation by the company revealed that due to manufacturing defects, an internal component of the printers may overheat and/or pose a risk of electric shock to users. 

Printers bearing labels with "-HK" following the serial number or with a serial number starting with 
"7" do not have such problems and therefore will not be affected by the recall.

Consumers are advised to return these printers to the supplier for replacement as soon as practicable. 

For details of the recall, consumers may contact the supplier's customer service hotline 2923 8111. 

Reprinted from : HKSAR Government web page :