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Recall of "Quaker Oatmeal Brown Sugar Bliss" cereal

  • 2003.02.28

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today (February 28) welcomed the decision by the distributor, Getz Bros & Co (HK) Ltd., to immediately suspend the sale of three batches of Quaker Oatmeal Brown Sugar Bliss in Hong Kong as a precautionary step to protect public health.

A spokesman for FEHD said that the distributor has informed the department that some 500 packs of the three batches of cereal are being recalled from the local market as advised by the supplier. They were packed in 16-ounce boxes with the "BEST IF USED BY: SEP 08 03 RS", "BEST IF USED BY: SEP 09 03 RS" and "BEST IF USED BY: SEP 10 03 RS".

"Recall was made as these batches might contain almond that were not declared on the labels. Almond may be allergic to some people. Persons who are sensitive to almond may develop allergic reactions upon consumption of food containing almond.

"We appreciate very much that the company has acted responsibly and co-operatively. Local retailers are advised to check their stock and withhold the sale of products pending the recalling exercise by the distributor.

"People who might be allergic to almond are advised not to consume the products but to return them to the distributor according to arrangements made by the company."

Meanwhile, the distributor has set up a consumer hotline (6208 2807) which will operate between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. tomorrow (March 1) and on Sunday (March 2) to answer public enquiries on the recall product and refund arrangements.

"The recall is only a precautionary measure. There should be no cause for undue alarm," the spokesman stressed.

"We will keep in close contact with the distributor on further development of the issue and will advise the public as and when necessary."

Reprinted from : HKSAR Government web page