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DH instructs recall of two health products

  • 2001.08.03

The Department of Health (DH) today (August 3) advised members of the public not to buy and use two health products that contained a western medicine, Sildenafil.

The two products, imported from the Mainland, are:

    *    Dura Tonic (Importer's hotline 2376 1630 operates from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays)

    *    WX Men's Oral Liquid (Importer's hotline 2808 0126 operates from 9 am to
5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays)

Both products are sold in the form of an oral liquid.

A spokesman for DH said: "Importers of the two health products have been instructed to immediately recall their products from the market and to surrender them to DH.

"Members of the public who have purchased any one of the products, are advised to stop using them, dispose of the products or return them to the importers concerned.
"The use of Sildenafil must be supervised by medical practitioners as it could cause side effects such as serious hypotension among people with heart diseases."

DH has a surveillance programme to regularly sample and analyse health products and propriety Chinese medicine to detect the presence of western medicine ingredients.

Products containing western medicine are pharmaceutical products and must be registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance before they are allowed to be put on sale.

The two products were found to contain Sildenafil, which is a western medicine, used for erectile dysfunction (impotence). The two products have not been registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

The spokesman reminded importers and retailers that the possession and sale of unregistered pharmaceutical products was an offence liable to an maximum penalty of $100,000 fine and two years' imprisonment.  Retailers should remove the two products from their shelves and return them to the importers.

Members of the public are also advised to report to DH's Complaints Hotline 2572 2068 if they have reason to suspect that any health products have been adulterated with western drug ingredients.

Currently there is only one pharmaceutical product containing Sildenafil that has been registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.   It is a prescription only medicine and must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Reprinted from HKSAR Government web page :