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Voluntary Recall of Heating Pads

  • 2001.06.22

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (June 22) urged consumers to stop using immediately two old models of Beurer heating pads for safety reasons.

The appeal was made after the local supplier of the products, Kung Ming Electric Co., Ltd., taking the initiative to approach the department for voluntary recall of the heating pads.

According to the supplier, the concerned Beurer heating pads "TM30" and "RO 10 plus" may lead to local overheating and burning if they are used improperly, for example, while folded or under weight. These two models were supplied to Hong Kong over seven to ten years ago.

Beurer heating pads

Beurer heating pads

Consumers are advised to return these heating pads to the local supplier as soon as possible. The supplier will provide a new heating pad for replacement.

Consumers should also use the heating pads with great care and in accordance with the instruction for use.

Details of the recall can be obtained from the supplier's hotline 2574 8321.

Reprinted from HKSAR Government web page :