Alcohol Test - Is Sterilized Disinfection Alcohol Toxic?

14 April 2020
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In the CHOICE Magazine this month, there are a number of articles and reports on the prevention of novel coronavirus available for free download. Demands for disinfection alcohol have surged amid the epidemic. The latest test by the Consumer Council found that 6 out of the 24 disinfection alcohol samples contained small amount of methanol, which may pose health risk such as chronic poisoning if used for a prolonged period. In addition, the actual ethanol and isopropanol concentration of 16 samples were found below their claims with the actual alcohol concentration of 3 of them less than 70%. Furthermore, the actual volume of many products was below what was claimed in their product labels, with the biggest shortfall of more than 20%. Consumers with the interest to know if there is any problem with their disinfection alcohol and how to choose a product that meets the required standard can log in to the online version of CHOICE Magazine to download the related free articles now!

Scan the QR code now to download the article relating to this test report.

For more information, please go to : Together, We Fight COVID-19


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