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Wrongly Accepting Payment
Super: The Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012
Wrongly Accepting Payment
Smart Eye: The Trade Descriptions Ordinance! Beware of Wrongly Accepting Payment.
Female Tutor: It’s so amazing that the cupcake workshop is so popular.
In two weeks, 6,000 coupons were sold on the Group Purchase website.
But the coupons are just valid for 2 months.
How should we deal with the over subscription?
Boss: Who would turn down customers?
Don’t worry! A lot of people would forget about the coupons they bought.
They won’t come to the class.
Super: A week later…
Young Woman: I want to make a booking for two people next week…
Boss: Sorry, the class is full.
Young Woman: When will there be vacancies then?
Boss: Actually classes for the coming 2 months are all full.
Young Woman: What? My coupon will be expired then.
Smart Eye: Tips from Smart Eye
When a trader accepts payments for a product, if he intends not to supply it or there are no reasonable grounds for believing that he will be able to supply it within the specified period or a reasonable period, it may constitute the offence of wrongly accepting payment.
Be a smart consumer!
To learn more, please visit the website.
Super: Enhanced protection for consumers
Shop with peace of mind

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