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Particulars of Shop Involved in Selling Counterfeit Drugs (Case concluded* in January 2018)

 Name and Address of Shop Involved ◇Name of Counterfeit Drug Involved
New Territories

Yue Fung Dispensary Company Limited

G/F, No. 88 San Hong Street, Sheung Shui

Forged Trademark Applied:

  • 「東京塔牌坐骨腰痛丸」
  • 「公牛牌坐骨腰痛丸」、「Bull Head Brand Zuo Gu Yao Tong Wan」
  • 「公牛牌痛風靈」、「Bull Head Brand Tong Feng Ling」
  • 「公牛牌風濕骨痛靈」、「Bull Head Brand Feng Sai Gu Tong Ling」
  • 「公牛牌風濕靈」、「Bull Head Brand Feng Shi Ling」
  • 「公牛牌風濕骨刺丹」、「Bull Head Brand Feng Sai Gu Ci Dan」
  • 「南聯骨節靈」、「Nan Lien Gu jie Ling」



◇ Name and address of shop involved was recorded from business certificate issued by the Company Registry. The name shown on shop sign may not be the same.

* Case conclusion means that all the legal proceedings including hearing and appeal have been completed.

Source of Information: Customs and Excise Department of the HKSAR

Related Legislation: Trade Descriptions Ordinance