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【Digital Consumption Voucher】How to use it wisely?

  • 2021.08.04
【Digital Consumption Voucher】How to use it wisely?

With the first consumption voucher disbursed on 1 August, many consumers are pondering how to wisely spend this amount of extra money.

The 4 Stored Value Facilities (SVFs) and traders took this opportunity to launch extensive promotions.

As the vast variety of offers could be overwhelming, consumers should be mindful not to be distracted by the rewards and overlook the terms and conditions.

Consumers should carefully consider their spending habits to ensure a pleasant and safe shopping experience.

From mid-July to early August, the Consumer Council conducted a mystery shopper survey by browsing the online promotions and enquiring in person or through telephone to examine the promotional tactics of over 250 traders, including shopping malls and various major retailers.

The results of the survey were announced today along with 8 tips for consumers to use their digital consumption vouchers wisely.

Download PDFTraders Discount & Promotion Survey(Traditional Chinese Version Only) | Consumption Voucher Scheme At A Glance