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Voluntary recall on Mitsubishi "Tatami" Electric Fans

  • 2005.10.06

Mitsubishi Electric Ryoden Air-Conditioning & Visual Information Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd. recently conducted a voluntary recall on 3 models of its "Tatami" electric fans. The fans concerned are marked with the model number "R12-ZF", "R12-ZG" or "R12-ZH" and serial code "30300001-30504500", "31200001-31200020/ 0200001-40602293" or "50500001-50500500". It was revealed that the internal connecting cable to the oscillatory head of the fans might be liable to damage and subsequently caused an electrical fault. Members of the public are advised to stop using the fans immediately and to return them to the above supplier for replacement. For details of the recall, please call the supplier's customer service hotline at 2427 8646 or visit its website at .