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Voluntary recall on Sony AC adaptors

  • 2005.09.14

Playstation 2 AC adaptorSony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd. recently conducted a voluntary recall on its AC adaptors which were supplied with the slim-line Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-70006CB). The adaptors concerned are marked with the product code number "HP-AT048H03" and production date code "2004.8", "2004.9", "2004.10", "2004.11" or "2004.12". It was revealed that a defective component inside these adaptors may overheat, thus posing a risk of fire and/or injury to users. Members of the public are advised to stop using the adaptors immediately and to return them to the supplier for replacement. For details of the recall, please call the supplier's customer service hotline at 2389 3202 or visit its website at

Reprinted from HKSAR Government web page: