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Chargers supplied with some Sony Ericsson mobile phones recalled

  • 2003.10.16

Chargers supplied with certain Sony Ericsson mobile phones or sold separately are defective, and owners should stop using the chargers immediately for safety reasons, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department said today (October 16).

(Photo(s) provided by EMSD)

The model number of the charger is CST-13 and the identification number is BML 162 099/3 R1A. The charger is also marked "Made in Thailand by Delta".

The charger was supplied beginning in September 2002 with Sony Ericsson mobile phone models T68i, T300, T310 and T610. It was also sold as a stand-alone accessory at the same time.

According to the supplier, there is a risk of component failure which could cause pressure to build up inside the chargers. This could cause the top plastic part of the chargers to break off, exposing live contacts that could cause electric shock or pose a fire hazard to flammable materials nearby.

After noticing an overseas recall announcement, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department took prompt action to coordinate a local recall with the supplier, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International AB.

Owners should return the chargers to the supplier promptly for replacement. Before unplugging the chargers, for safety reasons they should switch off the electricity supply to the socket outlet.

For details, please call the supplier's customer hotline, 8203 8863, or visit the Sony Ericsson website at

Reprinted from : HKSAR Government web page