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"Lemon Coke Light" 355 ml Can Product Exchange

  • 2003.08.15

According to information from Swire Coca-Cola HK, the company has received a small number of consumer reports on particles found in their "Lemon Coke Light" can beverages. Following thorough investigation, the company has determined that the problem relates to the inner liner of the can peeling off. The inner liner is made up of a soft, non-toxic material approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and poses no health risk. The problem is limited to approximately 200 cans from a single production batch.

Consumers who have purchased products from the following production batch can contact Swire Coca-Cola HK's service hotline: 2636 7000 for further information and to arrange product replacement.

Product type : Lemon Coke Light 355 ml can
Package type : 8-can and 12-can packages
Date Code : 10072004
Time Code : Between 1400 and 1600 (i.e. 1400, 1401, ... 1559, 1600)

The date and time codes are printed on the base of each can in the following format:

Source: Swire Coca-Cola HK