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Update on hotline for slimming products with fenfluramine

  • 2002.09.02

As at noon today (September 2), The Department of Health (DH) has received 146 calls from members of the public who had taken the "Seven Days Seven Fairy Maidens Forever-Youth Immunity Capsule" or "Forever-thin Youth Weight Reducing Capsule" slimming products which were found to contain fenfluramine.

The Assistant Director of Health, Dr Cindy Lai said: "They were among the 208 persons who called the special DH hotline which started operation on August 22."

"One hundred and two of them were referred to specialist out-patient clinics for follow-up."

"The teenage girl who was admitted to hospital on August 14 with dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath and chest discomfort after taking "Seven days Seven Fairy Maidens Forever-Youth Immunity Capsule" has been discharged.

Starting from tomorrow (September 3), DH's 24-hour Central Health Education Unit Hotline 2833 0111 will handle calls from the public who may wish to obtain information on slimming products containing fenfluramine.

Source : HKSAR Government web page

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