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Shabu Shabu electric hot pots are recalled

  • 2001.03.23

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department advises consumers to stop using electric Shabu Shabu hot pots which were offered as free gifts to customers by PCCW in December 2002 and January 2003. 

Acting on a complaint, the department found that the flexible cord connector of the Shabu Shabu hot pot (model: CRTX-1000) did not have adequate electric insulating strength and might break upon impact, posing an electric shock hazard to users.

Consumers are advised to return these Shabu Shabu hot pots to PCCW Limited through the designated collection centre as soon as possible. The company will offer other free gifts in exchange. 

For more information, contact PCCW's customer service hotline, 3128 8762. 

Reprinted from : HKSAR Government web page