Do not consume an imported prepackaged chilled broccoli that is suspected of being contaminated by toxic plant seeds

28 April 2021
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Issue date 28.4.2021

Center for Food Safety



Product name and information

Product Name: Organic Broccoli Florets

Brand: OOB Food LP

Origin: New Zealand

Importer: The Produce Company Hong Kong Limited

Net weight: 370 grams per pack

Best before this date: September 3, 2012 and September 23, 2012

The reason for the alarm
  • The center has received notifications from the New Zealand authorities through the International Food Safety Authority Network that the above-mentioned products may contain seeds of the poisonous plant Cocklebur, which is now being recycled.
  • According to the information provided by the network, the affected products have been imported into Hong Kong.
  • The seeds of cocklebur contain toxic substances, which can cause liver and kidney damage.
Action taken by the Centre for Food Safety
  • Upon learning of the incident, the center immediately contacted the relevant local importer to follow up.
  • Preliminary investigation revealed that the importer The Produce Company Hong Kong Limited had imported some of the affected products.
  • The center has instructed importers to stop selling, remove the products and start recycling.
Suggestions to the industry
  • If the industry holds the relevant products, they should stop using or selling them immediately.
Advice for consumers
  • People who buy the affected products should stop eating them.
  • The public can call the importer’s hotline 2587 1187 during office hours if they want to inquire about the recall of the above-mentioned products.
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