Batch recall of Minocycline HCl for Intravenous Infusion 100mg "Taiyo" (With photo)

15 November 2019
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The Department of Health (DH) today (November 15) endorsed two licensed drug wholesalers, namely Four Seasons International Limited (Four Seasons) and Vantone Medical Supplies Co Ltd (Vantone), to recall one batch (batch number: ES0057) of Minocycline HCl for Intravenous Infusion 100mg "Taiyo" from the market due to a potential quality issue. 

The DH received notification from the wholesalers that the manufacturer found a piece of glass in the product of the affected batch during testing, probably due to bottles broken in the production process. As a precautionary measure the manufacturer voluntarily recalls the affected batch of the product. 

The aforementioned product, containing minocycline, is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of bacterial infections. The product is not registered in Hong Kong but was imported for the treatment of particular patients by registered medical practitioners. According to the wholesalers, the affected batch has been supplied to the Hospital Authority and private hospitals. 

The wholesalers have set up hotlines to answer related enquiries: Four Seasons (3590 6313) and Vantone (2601 2877).

So far, the DH has not received any adverse reaction reports in connection with the affected product. The DH will closely monitor the recall. 

Patients who require use of the above product should seek advice from their attending doctors if in doubt. 

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