EMSD urges public not to use three models of adaptors

21 May 2018
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The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (May 21) urged the public not to use three models of adaptors with potential safety hazard and bearing no indication of the manufacturer's name or trade mark .
EMSD recently found three models of adaptors for sale that are imprinted with words "TRAVEL UNIVERSAL ADAPTOR" (see photos of the adaptors in annex). The exterior of those adaptors appears similar to each other but with different packaging and have two same features which are the irregular socket holes and multiple socket plug pins on adaptors.
In contravention of the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation, the three models of adaptors bear no indication of the manufacturer's name or trade mark. Furthermore, in the circumstances of one set of plug pins is being used and another set being drawn out at the same time, the live metal parts of the latter could pose electrical hazard.
As those adaptors could appear in different forms of packaging, the EMSD reminds members of the public not to purchase or use adaptors that contain the aforementioned features, and not to purchase electrical products that show no name or trademark of the manufacturer. The EMSD is investigating the source of sale of the adaptors and will take follow up actions in case of contravention of the relevant legal provisions.
The EMSD will further enhance the inspection of those products. For enquiries or reporting suspected cases of incompliance, please call 1823.


Reprinted from HKSAR Government:




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