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RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest news provided by Consumer Council.

How to subscribe ?

  1. Download an RSS-supported web browser or reader
  2. Copy the below links and add them to the RSS reader
  3. Or, open the below links, click on the [] logo when using an RSS-supported browser to subscribe directly.

What is RSS ?

'RSS' usually stands for 'really simple syndication', which is a way of notifying you about content changes on websites. Subscribing to RSS feeds allows you to keep track of updates from multiple websites without having to go from one site to another, as the reader will collect your subscriptions for you, for example, Press Releases.

How can I subscribe to RSS feeds ?

You can make use of dedicated RSS readers or internet browsers that are equipped with an RSS subscription function.

If you would like to use an RSS reader, please download and install the program before you make your subscriptions, and follow its instructions carefully. Most of the prevalent internet browsers support direct subscription of RSS feeds.

  1. Tips on RSS subscription for Firefox users
  2. Tips on RSS subscription for Internet Explorer