Overall Consumer Complaints drop 6% to New Low in 18 Years Soaring Medical Service Disputes Up 25% Calls for Attention  Mandatory Cooling-off Period Urged to Boost Consumer Safeguard
The 20th Consumer Rights Reporting Awards
Creating Sustainable Value for Private Health Insurance Market in Hong Kong
Service Quality of Foreign Domestic Helper Employment Agencies Varies Unfulfilled Commitments & Continued Delays in Reporting for Duty
Test on Sashimi: Excessive Methylmercury in over Half of Tuna Samples Parasites Detected in One Salmon Sample and  Parasites with Worm Eggs found in One Tuna Sample
Bacteria in 5 Paper Kitchen Towels Exceeds Standard by up to 4 Times Variable Performance in Water Absorption and Tensile Strength
Tests on 14 Air Circulators Reveal Variable Performance in  Airflow Rate & Energy Efficiency – Only 4 Models in Full Safety Compliance
Higher Average Prices for Over 60% of Supermarket Goods   Rice and Teabags Surge over 10% on Average
Choose Haircut and Treatment Packages with Care Beware of Losses Arising from High Value Prepaid Services
A Study on Building an Age-friendly Consumption Environment

"Salt / Sugar" Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products
Code of Practice of the Jewellery Retail Industry
Amended TDO
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre