A Handy Kit for Citywide Epidemic Prevention
Overall Consumer Complaints drop 6% to New Low in 18 Years Soaring Medical Service Disputes Up 25% Calls for Attention  Mandatory Cooling-off Period Urged to Boost Consumer Safeguard
Creating Sustainable Value for Private Health Insurance Market in Hong Kong
Service Quality of Foreign Domestic Helper Employment Agencies Varies Unfulfilled Commitments & Continued Delays in Reporting for Duty
Test on Sashimi: Excessive Methylmercury in over Half of Tuna Samples Parasites Detected in One Salmon Sample and  Parasites with Worm Eggs found in One Tuna Sample
Bacteria in 5 Paper Kitchen Towels Exceeds Standard by up to 4 Times Variable Performance in Water Absorption and Tensile Strength
Tests on 14 Air Circulators Reveal Variable Performance in  Airflow Rate & Energy Efficiency – Only 4 Models in Full Safety Compliance
Higher Average Prices for Over 60% of Supermarket Goods   Rice and Teabags Surge over 10% on Average
Choose Haircut and Treatment Packages with Care Beware of Losses Arising from High Value Prepaid Services
A Study on Building an Age-friendly Consumption Environment

"Salt / Sugar" Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products
Code of Practice of the Jewellery Retail Industry
Amended TDO
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre