Other Complaint Channels

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Local Organisations

Consumer can also lodge their complaints with other government agencies and professional bodies:


Non-local Organisations

Consumers may lodge complaint with non-local consumer organisations when come across unfair trade practices outside Hong Kong.

  • China Consumers’ Association: Founded in December 1984, the CCA IS a national organisation which aims at monitoring goods and services as well as protecting consumer rights and interests.
  • Macao SAR Government Consumer Council: To voice its opinion regarding policies defined by the Macao SAR Government’s Administration in respect of protecting consumer rights and promoting measures necessary for the protection of those rights.
  • Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei (CFCT): An independent, non-profit organisation, it is not aligned with or supported by any political party or industry. It strives to promote a fair society through defending the rights of all consumers by supporting the consumer movement in general, and campaigning at the national level for policies related to consumer concerns. CFCT's Head Office is based in Taipei with Branch Offices in Taichung, Tainan, and Kaoshiung.
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