Tender Notice

16 November 2017
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Provision of Provision of upgrading the Human Resources Management System (“HRMS”) for the Consumer Council

  1. The Consumer Council (the “Council”) was incorporated in accordance with Consumer Council Ordinance (Cap, 216) commenced in 1977. The Council is committed to enhancing consumer welfare and empowering consumers to protect themselves. Consumers include consumers of goods and services and purchasers, mortgagors and lessees of immovable property.
  2. The Council will invite the Provision of Provision of upgrading the Human Resources Management System for the Consumer Council through an open tender exercise.
  3. Interested parties can deliver the “Tender Document Request Form” to following email address on or before 24 November 2017 (Friday) 05:00 pm:
    Contact person: Mr. Angus Chan
    Contact number: 2856 8584
  4. 4. The “Tender Document Request Form” can be downloaded from:https://www.consumer.org.hk/sites/consumer/files/tender/TenderDocumentRequestForm.pdf
    Later submission or form without requested information will not be accepted. The tender document will be delivered via email.
  5. The Council does not necessarily accept any tender proposal and has the rights to discuss about tender terms and conditions with any tenderer.
  6. The Council will not be responsible to any cost incurred to the tenderer in the processing of tendering.
  7. A tender briefing meeting will be held on 21 November 2017 (Tuesday) 04:00 pm. The Council will notify parties which had received the tender document by emails
  8. The tender will be closed on 1 December 2017 (Friday) 04:00 pm.
  9. If cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above or black rainstorm warning signal was hoisted during 09:00 am to 04:00 pm on the closing date of tender, the closing date will be scheduled to 04:00 pm of next working day.
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