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Price Comparison Reports (Chinese only) -  Cheung Sha Wan (March 28, 2012)

Council launches weekly price survey

The Consumer Council today (March 28) released its weekly price survey on a basket of 45 food and household items available at major supermarket chains and other retail outlets in Cheung Sha Wan.

In the analysis were listed the top 10 products with the most price differences found in this survey. Top on the list was: Bath Soap 115g 4 (from HK$8 to HK$15.7, or a price difference of 96.3%).

Following closely (between 84.2% and 56.1%) were: Kitchen Bleach 600ml (HK$9.5 to HK$17.5, or 84.2%); Silky Smooth Body Milk (Dry Skin) 400ml (HK$22 to HK$38.9, or 76.8%); Soy Sauce 600ml (HK$23.5 to HK$38.3, or 63%); Medicated Oil 57ml (HK$23 to HK$35.9 or 56.1%).

The remainders 5 of the top 10 list (ranging from 50% to 41.2%) were: Fried Dace with Salted Beans 184g (HK$15 to HK$22.5, or 50%); Sensitive with Fluoride Toothpaste 100ml (HK$18 to HK$26.9, or 49.4%); Non-Drowsy 12 Tablets (HK$25 to HK$36.5, or 46%); Sweetened Milk Spread 388g (HK$6.5 to HK$9.3, or 43.1%); Emulsion (Orange) 400ml (HK$49.5 to HK$69.9, or 41.2%).

Other highlights in this weekly price survey covering (a) prepackaged food products, and (b) household and personal care products:

Prepackaged Food

- A total of 20 items in this category at 13 retail outlets in Cheung Sha Wan were compared for their prices.
- Considerable differences between the lowest and the highest unit prices were recorded, ranging from 3.3% to 63%.

Household/Personal Care Products

- A total of 20 items in this category at 19 retail outlets were surveyed, with price differences ranging from 16.9% to 96.3%.
- Overall, more highest unit prices were recorded at major supermarket and health-and-beauty chains than other retail outlets.

Fresh Produce

- Due to possible variations in the place of origin, quality, size or freshness of fresh produce, direct price comparison is considered not suitable.
- A total of 5 items from 2 to 4 stalls at the Po On Road Market and 4 major supermarket chains were included in the survey for reference of consumers.

The weekly survey covers, for price comparison, a broad range of retail outlets of different types located in the district under comparison, including major and individual supermarkets, health-and-beauty chains, frozen food and grocery stores, and drugstores.

It is common that many outlets will offer bulk-purchase incentives, add-size packs, gifts, rebates, etc. for purchase of designated products or up to a certain value.

Consumers, however, should note that promotional offers are not necessarily the best bargains (the lowest unit price) available on the items. They should shop around whenever possible and compare prices.

Results of the weekly price survey and analysis are available on the Council's website, its Consumer Advice Centres, and the Public Enquiry Service Centre of Sham Shui Po District Office.